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ASHER Full Size Chart


Guide to your Glove: Caring for, Finding the right fit and what the wear patterns tells your about your swing.

Not only do we believe in the best looking glove, but finding the perfect size is also a crucial part of your game. Your glove is the first point of contact with your club and ball, so really it should feel like a second skin, not an added utility. If not fit properly, your hand might have movement inside your glove. Any movement could compromise your swing, so fit is crucial to your game.



We know that not all child hands are created equal. We recommend that you consult both the size chart and the age ranges below when ordering a glove for your junior. When in doubt, we recommend you go a size up.

3-5 Years  XSmall
5-8 Years Small
8-11 Years Medium
11-13 Years Large
13+ Years Women's Small / XLarge


ASHER Flight Decks should fit comfortably so that you can feel good both before and after your round. We recommend measuring your foot or comparing the size of your current pair of mundane slides before purchasing. 

Let us know if you have any feedback on our size charts. We are always looking to improve, drop us a line at on how we can adjust our size chart.