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Our good friends over at Independent Golf Reviews took the time to review our Premium, Chuck, and Deathgrip lines. One of the things we love about IGR is the angle that they try and take when they review products. They take an unbiased view on the product and are very honest with their feedback both positive and negative. This type of review can be a little nerve racking because if they have a negative experience they are less inclined to make your product seem better than it normally is. 

In our case, this interview turned out awesome. It turns out IGR had a very good time wearing Asher Golf Gloves!

Take a look at a piece of the review: 

"The Premium Collection is made of the best cabretta leather.  I assumed that all cabretta leather gloves are the same, but after testing this glove compared to other cabretta leather gloves, that is not true.  The Alta Glove is the softest glove I've ever worn and it stays that way round after round.  The longevity of the soft, supple leather is the most impressive part of this glove.  My hands get hot and sweaty in AZ.  The 100*+ heat of summer golf takes a toll on gloves, which usually means crusty gloves after a few rounds.  I'm 5 rounds in with the Alta and still as soft as the day I opened the package."

To read the full article click Review: Asher Golf Gloves

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