Asher Golf Announces its Brand and Product Re-launch

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Asher Golf Announces its Brand and Product Re-launch
Premium golf gloves, that fit just right and make you look incredible

SALT LAKE CITY — March 24, 2017 — Asher Golf, a premier golf glove, accessory, and apparel company dedicated to taking the mundane out of your golf style, announced today its official brand re-launch to the golf industry. Asher’s core centers around the golf glove experience, it focuses on delivering a glove that steps up your game and additionally completes your style. Asher’s product line will also include hats, polos, and some outerwear pieces.

Background - Asher was born in 2009 with a desire to provide the golf world with something it had lacked: a high-quality glove with a little flavor and awesomeness. A glove that wasn’t just white, at a price everyone could afford. Even though Asher began to accomplish its goal, the company decided that they needed to take a pause and reevaluate.

“We took some to find ourselves,” said Matt Smart, Managing Partner at Asher. “Think of it this way, it’s like going off to college...after some brief soul-searching, lots of late nights, and a of mix hard work and good times, you come back stronger,  slightly more mature and definitely much cooler”.

Asher’s marketing efforts, both online and offline will primarily focus on driving consumers to purchase products on Along with its e-commerce site, Asher will be dedicated to working with retailers such as golf courses, sporting goods stores, etc. to make sure its products are easily accessible and available to the public.

For more information visit today.

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About Asher Golf

Asher is a premier golf glove, accessory, and apparel company. Dedicated to taking mundane out of your golf style. Our commitment runs deep, yet simple: when you wear Asher, you’ll look amazing, and feel even better. Your friends won’t only be jealous of your game, now they’ll be wishing they were wearing Asher too.

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